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We help developers, architects and marketing agencies transform the way they propose, market and finance their projects with stunning 3D Animated Videos, 3D Virtual Tours and Renderings.

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Our digital visuals and brand centric media experiences support new and ongoing marketing, sales, and advertising initiatives. We're a go-to resource for developers, architects and builders, realtors, and designers – literally any industry where visualization can sell an idea or push a concept forward.

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We work on projects all over the world, at all scales. From intimate interiors to large masterplans, our work includes ongoing support for several evolving urban areas and commercial estates.

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We can bring your static 2D and 3D models to life with stunning 3D Animated Videos, 3D Virtual Tours, and Renderings. Let's make your next project look next level before it even begins.

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We specialize in creating photorealistic 3D renderings that are used to market projects and create unforgettable visual experiences. We creatively and strategically use visual communication to reveal your unique story.

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Max Wave Media goes beyond the role of a provider and serves as a true business and marketing consultant to its clients. The company has the insight, experience and processes necessary to guide you every step of the way — identifying potential hurdles ahead of time and proactively finding solutions before they derail your project.

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Virtual Reality allows buyers to experience any location from anywhere. 360 immersive tours of a virtual space are much more likely to increase velocity of sight-unseen leases.

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North Italia Mockup
What Our Clients Say

Working with Max Wave Media on our new AC Hotel by Marriott - Greenville Downtown (South Carolina) was by far one of our biggest successes with promoting this hotel pre-opening. Typically, we rely on standard renderings, however being able to give our clients and guests the ability to visually walk through our hotel and unique food and beverage outlets truly elevated the experience for them. The quality and innovation that Max Wave Media produces truly has been a "wow factor" for anyone looking to do business with us. It's made a true difference in our sales strategy and gave us an unparalleled competitive advantage. We are happy to recommend this team and look forward to future projects.

Auro Hotels

Max Wave Media has been our go-to 3D resource for over a decade, whenever we do a major hotel project, we engage Max Wave to do their thing. It’s just smart business. They integrate well with our team, communicate directly with our Designers and have always done a great job. Their 3D Visuals help us make more informed design decisions and get early buy in from “The Brand”. They are also great at catching costly errors and omissions in our design documents. We have been burned in the past by not using this technology, now it’s part of our culture and it has significantly reduced change orders and the number of RFI requests from our GC’s. We also love that this product affords us the luxury of constructing a building twice. Once digitally and once for real.

Noble Investment Group

We were actually able to start marketing 12 months prior to Opening Day and met our goal of securing $1M in pre booked events. We made sure that every email sent out to a potential prospect included a link to the animation, and VR tour. We also utilized the marketing renderings on our Website and various Social Media campaigns. These strategies paid dividends for us and helped convince many prospects to move forward to make an early commitment. I am happy to report that the Hotel has now become a huge success, we have crushed all our goals and have been experiencing tremendous Fiscal Success ever since.

The State View Hotel

Our firm has been working with Max Wave since early 2005, they are responsive, incredibly easy to work and really great at what they do. We were all blown away when we saw how true to life the renderings and virtual tours turned out and our client was thrilled to have such a cutting-edge tool to help promote the project.

Associate at Cooper Carry

I was there when a presentation was given to a group of Architects. The imagery was amazing. The people who work there are highly qualified to create 3D action videos for Architects as a service to their clients.


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Max Wave Media creates high quality presentation materials to support projects in the fields of architecture, interior design, urban design, landscape, and master planning. We work in all industry sectors to produce stunning 3D visualizations to thrill you and your clients. Take the first step by contacting us and requesting a quote today.

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