About Us

Founded in 2004 on the principle that visualization is a powerful catalyst for positive change, our award-winning studio is recognized for producing some of the highest-quality renderings, animations and interactive technologies on the market. Our digital marketing tools, imagery and immersive virtual environments, help our clients to clearly communicate their ideas, empowering them to jump-start sales, raise funds and gain support for their unique vision.

Our studio has a team of expert designers who are skilled in interior rendering and exterior rendering and they understand the level of detail and the need to accurately portray the design from the materials to finishes to furniture to accessories to the lighting and to the emotional feel of each space.

What We Do

Our digital visuals and brand centric media experiences support new and ongoing marketing, sales, and advertising initiatives. We're a go-to resource for developers, architects and builders, realtors, and designers – literally any industry where visualization can sell an idea or push a concept forward.

Our Scope

We work on projects all over the world, at all scales from intimate interiors to large masterplans and our work includes ongoing support for several evolving urban areas and commercial estates.

How We Do It

Putting the power of 3D renderings, animation, and interactive solutions to work for your company requires finding a partner who not only brings expertise but a consultative approach to the relationship.

Why Us

We have the expertise, processes, and technologies needed to help you achieve a competitive advantage. Not only are we experienced in the creation of digital assets — we will also help you integrate these assets into your presentations, websites, social media, and other marketing collateral.

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Our Mission

We help developers, architects and marketing agencies transform the way they propose, market and finance their projects with stunning 3D Animated Videos, 3D Virtual Tours and Renderings.

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Max Wave Media creates high quality presentation materials to support projects in the fields of architecture, interior design, urban design, landscape, and master planning. We work in all industry sectors to produce stunning 3D visualizations to thrill you and your clients. Take the first step by contacting us and requesting a quote today.

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